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Phoenix’s Best Luxury Pet Resort & Dog Daycare
Serving Phoenix since 2009
Jet Pet Phoenix is committed to excellence in every aspect of our service. That includes a carefully designed, premium dog daycare and cat hotel facility in Central Phoenix, Arizona. Our facility reflects the safe, fun, and relaxed environment we provide our pet guests.


Our boarding facility caters to dogs of all shapes, sizes, and energy levels. Each pet guest is treated as an individual. We know how to entertain all personality types, from the shy dogs, to the playful puppies and energetic pooches.

Our resort grounds were built with safety as a priority. Along with that, our play areas are laid out to reduce anxiety and minimize unnecessary stimulation in order to provide the best stay for your pet. Beyond your average cat and dog boarding kennel, Jet Pet Phoenix features 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor boarding, courtyards, lounges, and spa amenities. We truly cater to every pet.

  • 24/7 security and fire protection.
  • Air Conditioning and monitoring.
  • Special flooring for comfort and cleanliness.
  • Playground equipment and play pool with artificial grass and canopies for shade.
  • Facility is armed and monitored and also has fire protection.
  • Integrated HVAC system and monitoring to ensure safety in summer months.
  • Special epoxy flooring system with non-porous finish to keep pets cozy and protected from bacteria exposure.
  • Beautiful building design includes glass blocks for natural light and copper roofs.
  • Insulated colorful baffle ceilings and round design of the roofs help provide noise control.
  • Park style landscape features playground equipment and a play pool.
  • TVs in the buildings play pet-friendly shows to provide comfort so that your pet feels right at home.
  • Shade canopies and misting systems so your pet can lounge leisurely with the intense Phoenix sun kept at bay.

Phoenix Location Team

At Jet Pet Phoenix, we only hire animal-loving, skilled pet care specialists who offer our guests the best care possible with integrity and professionalism. We continually offer on-the-job training as advancements are made in the pet care industry to ensure a premium dog boarding and cat hotel experience.


Services and Rates


Our 13,000 square foot indoor/outdoor dog boarding facility, conveniently located near PHX Sky Harbor airport and Central Phoenix, offers your dog a spacious, clean, and fun environment. We put safety first with a personal touch. Choose from a variety of luxurious suite options to suit your preference and your dog’s needs. We cater to all breeds, sizes, and personalities, with areas to suit the loungers, playful pups, and cuddlers. Jet Pet Phoenix features various run sizes. We have cozy Small Runs, a Standard Run, or a Large Run for larger breeds or multi-pet families. We provide your pet with the ultimate care, attention, and protection they deserve during their stay. There are many amenities provided with our all-inclusive service. We are sure your pet will enjoy their stay with us.
RATE $53/night
(2 x 4 ft) – for petite pets 15 pounds or less. Petite pets may request standard run size if desired.
RATE $65/night
(4 x 6 ft) – for medium size pets or multiple small pets. This size may accommodate 2 medium size pets and will be based on size and energy.
RATE $88/night
(6 x 8 ft) — for very large pets or multiple medium size pets. This size may also be requested for any size pet.
  • $35 for each pet sharing a Standard Run and $38 for each pet sharing a Large Run. If pets are sharing a small run, they must be extremely small (8 lbs or less) and able to move around without tipping water and food bowls. Jet Pet Phoenix may reserve the right to deny multiple pets sharing a run if size or energy level may prove hazardous to the well-being of either pet.
  • $10 if pet received a complimentary departure bath and is picked up early. The departure bath is included with boarding 10 nights or longer.
  • Additional $5/night per dog for bookings during peak season.

*First-Time Guest Discounts are available for any 5 day period including weekends. The only exception is the discounted rate is not available during peak season. Please call for details.


Jet Pet Phoenix offers doggy/feline daycare in addition to our regular boarding services. As a premier facility fully equipped for fun and outfitted for safety first, our professionally trained staff will ensure your pet has a great day while you’re away. Full-day daycare is up to 10 hours at our Phoenix location. You’ll never have to worry about working late; it’s all included.
  • 7 days/week with the exception of all major holidays. Please call for daycare availability. Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 6:30pm Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Only 15 minutes from Central Phoenix, located conveniently off the 51


½ DAY | 5 hours,
no restriction on arrival time or departure time.


24 FULL$768$32/day
12 FULL$396$33/day
12 HALF$300$25/half day




At Jet Pet Phoenix we strive to provide a welcoming environment that your cat can feel safe and comfortable in. They’ll have peace and you can have peace of mind.

Each of our cat hotel’s private suite options comes with an all-access pass to the Cat Lounge for mingling and play time. The Cat Lounge offers plenty of scratch posts, toys, and games. Our qualified team is there to provide one-on-one attention.

If your cat enjoys grooming, please bring a favorite brush or comb so we can continue their routine. Each cat is fed separately and at their own pace to ensure their time with us is as relaxing as possible.


  • Regular rate: $32/night

The rate is applied per condo (2 x 3 ft) and reserved for a single cat.
Each additional cat will require another condo at $32/night. The condos have removable panels so that cats can be together.
Additional $10/night for bookings during peak season.

* First-Time Guest Discounts are available for any 5 day period including weekends. The only exception is the discounted rate is not available during peak season.


Our Jet Pet Phoenix pet spa offers full grooming services for all breeds, coat types, and conditions. Our certified, professional pet stylists take the time to customize each groom to your dog’s unique needs. They bring out the best in their appearance and personality. Conveniently located on site, our Pet Spa is perfectly situated for our pet guests to freshen up before going home. Group your dog’s daycare stay with grooming all on the same day!

We base our grooming quotes on a fee schedule. This has been determined on the “normal” amount of time required to finish the process for the particular breed, coat type, and cut request. Both baths and grooms include: bath, blowout, brush, ear cleaning, external anal gland expression, and nail trims. Grooms differ from baths based on whether the pet parent requests a hair cut.

  • Regular rates:
    • $16 for nail trims
    • $22 for nail dremel
  • The following additional fees may be assessed:
    • Excessive matting • Tick/flea dip and/or tick removal • Hand stripping • Special scissoring • Medicated shampoo


From classic bubble to luxury baths that include nail clipping and more, each Pet Spa visit includes a blow dry and brush for a completely pampered experience.

NAILS: Our trained pet specialists will ensure your pet’s nails are clipped to perfection.
BATHS: We indulge our guests in top quality products and a serene atmosphere. Simply choose whether to start your dog off with this relaxing ritual to put them in a happy frame of mind or conclude their stay with one so that you’re reunited with a clean, zen dog.
Contact us for specific prices and further details.


Looking for a career with dogs or just an interesting part time job around dogs and cats?

Our goal is to grow our team of professionals that have a deep love of animals, along with a strong work ethic and high level of integrity. We welcome team members that are looking for a career, rather than ‘just a job’, whose focus is providing the ultimate in pet care.

Please contact us with your résumé and a brief cover letter telling us why you would like to join our family.

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Questions about our services or facility? We love helping pet parents find peace of mind that their furry family members will be in the caring hands of professional staff!

We are open:

7 days/week with the exception of all major holidays
Monday – Friday:
7:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday and Sunday:
9:00am – 4:00pm

We Are

Our highly trained Jet Pet Phoenix team are always more than happy to show you around our 5-star facility!

Tours are available Monday through Friday 9:00AM-4:00PM and Saturday/Sunday 11:00AM-2:00PM. Drop-in visits are welcome, as are visits by appointment. While we would love to meet your fuzzy friend in the future, please leave them at home or with a friend if you are coming to visit.

Please note that if you are bringing in your pet for a behavioral assessment, an appointment is necessary. Neutered or spayed pets only, and please also bring proof of vaccination against Bordetella, Rabies and Distemper.

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